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Recording Unit LX-100

Channels, Amplifier, Interface Configurable

Main unit(LX-110 or LX-120), Number of Slots(Channels), Amplifier type, Interface type are configurable.

Long Term Recording by Using Large Capacity Media

Large capacity CF card (up to 32 GB) allows to record long term.
10 hours recording available at 20kHz bandwidth 8 channels (32GB CF card)

Wide Dynamic Range by 24 bit A/D conversion

24 bit A/D conversion allows to have wider dynamic range than conventional data recorder and more precise recording.

Record DC to 40 kHz Voltage, Noise, Vibration, Strain, etc.

Main unit(LX-110 or LX-120), Number of Slots(Channels), Amplifier type(DC, PA, ST), Interface type are configurable.

Frequency Bandwidth vs. Recording Time

In LX-110/120, channel constitution, a recording media, the choice of the record frequency band(it prescribes it by choice of the sampling frequency)are possible, and record time is different by each combination.

Ex) 8Channels, 576MB Memory Note : Recording rate is approx. 1.6MB/sec(DC to 40kHz bandwidth x8ch). Turning OFF the voice memo additionally
Frequency Bandwidth
(Sampling Frequency)
Recording Time
16bit 24bit
DC to 40kHz(96kHz) Approx. 6minute -
DC to 20kHz(48kHz) Approx. 12minute Approx. 6minute
DC to 10kHz(24kHz) Approx. 24minute Approx. 12minute
DC to 5kHz(12kHz) Approx. 48minute Approx. 24minute
DC to 2.5kHz(6kHz) Approx. 1h36minute Approx. 48minute
DC to 1.25kHz(3kHz) Approx. 3h12minute Approx. 1h36minute
DC to 675Hz(1.5kHz) Approx. 6h24minute Approx. 3h12minute
DC to 400Hz(1kHz) Approx. 9h36minute Approx. 4h48minute
DC to 80Hz(200Hz) Approx. 48h Approx. 24h
Ex) 8Channels, 32GB PC card Note : Recording rate is approx. 0.8MB/sec(DC to 20kHz bandwidth x8ch).Turning OFF the voice memo additionally
Frequency Bandwidth
(Sampling Frequency)
Recording Time
16bit 24bit
DC to 20kHz(48kHz) Approx. 10h20minute -
DC to 10kHz(24kHz) Approx. 20h40minute Approx. 10h20minute
DC to 5kHz(12kHz) Approx. 41h40minute Approx. 20h40minute
DC to 2.5kHz(6kHz) Approx. 83h20minute Approx. 41h40minute
DC to 1.25kHz(3kHz) Approx. 165h40minute Approx. 83h20minute
DC to 675Hz(1.5kHz) Approx. 331h20minute Approx. 165h40minute
DC to 400Hz(1kHz) Approx. 496h Approx. 248h
DC to 80Hz(200Hz) Approx. 2480h Approx. 1240h

Use Specified Media Only

Use CF cards checked by TEAC.
Other media might be unable to record or reproduce correctly.

Compact Flash Cards Checked by TEAC for Correct Operations (as of September 2015)
Series Capacity Model
Extreme Pro16GBSDCFXP-016G

Up to 32 channels each unit and up to 128 channels by synchronizing 4 units.

8 channels or 16 channels configuration available on one unit. Up to 32 channels configuration available by adding extension box.

Up to 4 units can be synchronized available(Max. 128 channels = 32 channels x 4 units)

  • Optional synchronization kit required
  • All units has to be same channel configuration

adding extension box

Wide-band Multi Channel Recording

Up to 20 kHz bandwidth @ 8 channels. Double throughput rate against conventional DAT type data recorder.

*16 bit mode

Analog Playback and Monitor Output

Analog playback available bu analog output modules are installed.
And analog monitor output available during the recording.

Remote Control Unit and Control by PC

LX can be controlled by optional remote control unit or PC using LX Navi software.
Start/Stop recording can be operated by unit itself.

Remote Control Unit and Control by PC

Additional Functions

Trigger recording, Voice memo playback.
Pre-trigger, Level trigger, Repeat and Interval recording.

Widely Supported TAFFmat File Format

Recorded data is stored as TAFFmat which is widely supported by major data analysis software.
So the data can be analyzed by using those software.