TEAC Data Recorder site


You can select the various configurations

Select 1: Main Unit

LX-110 :
Standard Model
LX-120 :
Functional Model

Additional functions such as Tacho pulse input and generator output are supported.
51.2 kHz sampling frequency series which is suit for frequency analysis is supported.

Sampling Frequency

LX-110 :
96 kHz sampling frequency series, low sampling frequency.
LX-120 :
96k, 102.4k, 65.536k, 100kHz sampling frequency series, low sampling frequency.

Select 2: Number of channels

LX-110 / 120 :
8 or 16 channels on main unit

By adding expansion box, up to 32 channels can be

  • Up to 4 units can be connected with synchronized.(32 ch x 4 units = 128 channels)
  • Optional kit is required to synchronize the units

Extension box

Select 3: Amplifier

DC Amp. :
DC Input Amplifier [AR-LXDC100]
PA Amp. :
IEPE Input Amplifier [AR-LXPA100]
  • DC mode available
  • High Pass Filter, Weighting supported and IEPE type accelerometer and microphone can be connected directly. No additional amplifier required.
  • TEDS supported. Error free settings available
ST Amp. :
Strain Input Amplifier [AR-LXST100]
  • DC mode available
AO Amp. :
Analog Output Amplifier [AR-LXAO100]
  • Low sampling frequency supported


Select 4: Recording Media

Internal Memory
Internal Memory + PC Card Drive (CF)

Internal Memory :
64MB, up to 576MB expandable
PC Card Drive :
Up to 32 GB CF (with PCMCIA adapter)
  • The data can be stored to PC via Ethernet or IEEE1394
    Throughput Approx. 1.6 MB/s

Select 5: Interface

IEEE 1394 :
Proprietary driver is supplied with LX Navi software
Ethernet 100BASE-TX:
Standard Ethernet connection

Select 6: Control

PC :
It can be controlled from LX Navi application which is supplied as standard option
Remote Control Unit :
It allows LX to use as complete standalone system [ER-LXRC100]
All controls, settings available using Remote Control Unit

LX Navi Display 専用フルカラーリモコン ER-LXRC100