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New model appeared from TEAC's LX series!
Compact and expandable up to 64ch!!
Data Recorder LX-1000 Series

Expandable up to 64ch

Integrated Logger LX-1016 16ch Model
Integrated Logger LX-1032 32ch Model
Integrated Logger LX-1048 48ch Model
Integrated Logger LX-1064 64ch Model

It synchronizes 4 units maximum of 64 channels per unit, and supports simultaneous measurement of 256 channels.

Integrated Logger LX-1000 MAX 256ch

The LX-1000 Series is a family of highly reliable, portable data recorders designed to capture and record measurement data for testing and monitoring in a wide range of industrial and scientific applications. Based on a modular concept, the LX-1000 can be individually customised to the requirements of each application.
Up to four input modules with four channels each (two channels for CAN) can be configured and there is an expansion unit available which holds up to four additional input modules and can be fitted to the main unit. This way, one compact unit can provide up to 64 recording channels. Moreover, up to 256 channels can be realised by syncronising four such units.
Due to its compact size and fanless operation, the LX-1000 can be placed in the immediate vicinity of the measurement source. This allows noise and vibrations in addition to other measurement data to be recorded without interference. A remote control with full-colour display enables visualisation of recorded data and operation from a distance.

Up to 256 recording channels
64-channel recording with one unit, 256 channels by synchronizing four units.
Modular concept
Input channels can be customised in groups of four (analogue, strain, CAN can be recorded directly); dedicated
Fanless design
The absence of a cooling fan reduces maintenance costs.
In the configuration up to 32 channels, a natural air cooling system (fanless) is adopted, which can be used without mounting a cooling fan.
*A cooling fan is necessary if even one AR-LXST1000 is installed.
Wide dynamic range
A dynamic range of 120 dB ensures precise recording with a high signal-to-noise ratio.
Long-term recording
The use of high-capacity storage media allows long recording sessions.
SD Card (SDHC/SDXC) recording is convenient and is easy to replace.(8GB-128GB)
Remote control unit ER-LXRC 1000 (option)
Remote control unit
ER-LXRC 1000 (option)
Battery options are available.
Optional video synchronisation
Can be synchronised to the TEAC VR-24 2-channel HD video recorder.
GPS input
Standard equipped with GPS input
*GPS receiver (option)
Periodic File Close to avoid unexpected data loss
PC control application LXK navi
Faster data transfer
1000BASE-T allows for faster transfer of data from the LX-1000 to a PC.
File Format
TAFFmat (TEAC Data Acquisition File Format)

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