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Data Format TAFFmat

The recorded data file format for the TEAC data recorders adopts TAFFmat (TEAC Data Acquisition File Format). This is a file format that allows recorded data files to be read directly from PC applications.

Data Format TAFFmat

Generated file format

Data file (.dat binary format)
AD data is recorded as binary data according to the scan order.
Header file (.hdr)
Names (keywords) and the contents of the recording conditions are written one line for each item.

An example of a file recorded with WX-7016

Header file
Header file

Header files are ASCII-format text files containing information such as recording conditions. Header files are based on the waveform-analysis software DADiSP format. It can be opened by Window's application software such as MemoPad or Notepad since it is a text format.
In a header file, each recording-condition entry is written on 1 line, with parameters separated by a comma (,). An example of a header file is shown as follows.

Data file
Data file

A/D-converted data is recorded as 2-byte integers between -32768 and +32767 in case of 16 bits A/D and also recorded as 4-byte integers between -8388608 and +8388607 in case of 24 bits A/D. Negative numbers are expressed as complements of 2.
The byte order is from the lower bytes to the higher bytes (Intel format)*1.
The sequence of data is as follows: first sampling channel order, second sampling channel order, ....., last sampling channel order. This order is called the INTERLACED format*2, and the format name is recorded in STORAGE_MODE in the header file.


*1: The byte order from the higher to the lower bytes is called the Motorola format. It is used in components such as FFT analyzers that used Motorola CPUs and in workstations.

*2: The order of data of the SEQUENTIAL format is as follows: first channel sampling order, second channel sampling order, ....., last channel sampling order.

Converting Data to Physical Quantities
In case of 16 bits AD, the AD conversion value is an integer ranging from -32768 to +32767 and the value would be ±25000 when the input is ±100% in the input range settings. In case of 24 bits AD, the AD conversion value is an integer ranging from -8388608 to 8388608 and the value would be ±6400000 when the input is ±100% in the input range settings. The input value is obtained from the following formula:
Input value = (A/D conversion value of the data file) x SLOPE + Y_OFFSET

Input data format by product

LX-1000 VR-24 WX-7000 LX-100 es8
Analog Channel .dat .dat .dat .dat .dat
Image - AVI - - -
CAN - .dat .dat - -

Control program (standard equipment for the TEAC products)

Product name Supported models Latest version Description
WX Navi WX-7000 1.14 The software to display data on PC at the time of setting and recording from PC, which allows to set recording conditions and to monitor waveforms and values during recording.
LXK Navi LX-1000 -
es Navi es8 3.02

Utilization software for data after recording

TAFFmat (TEAC Data Acquisition Data File Format) is adopted for the recording data file format of the TEAC data recorders.

Software for VR-24 (TEAC optional items)

Product name Description
VR View Waveform display viewer software that can display the data recorded by VR-24 and the data recorded by other TEAC recorders on one screen
RTA-VU Real-time analysis viewer software (add-on to VR-24 main unit)

Measurement data waveform display software

Product name Description
TX-View TAFFmat data viewer software recorded by the TEAC recorders