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Q1 : Is a computer required to control the WX-7000 series ?

A1 : No, the WX-7000 can be used as a stand-alone device if required. All the functions of the unit can be addressed using the integral display and controls on the front panel of the WX-7000. An optional Remote control Unit (ER-WXRC) or the WX Navi Control Software (supplied with unit) can be utilized for external control. Contact your near representative or Teac America (datarecorder@teac.com) directly.

Q2 : Which languages are supported by the WX-7000 series ?

A2 : English and Japanese.

Q3 : Can the WX-7000 parameters be saved ?

A3 : Yes, in two ways:
(1) Current parameters can be saved to the WX-7000 internal memory.
(2) Multiple parameters can be saved to an SD card.

Q4 : Are there any handles for the WX-7000 series ?

A4 : Yes, the model number is TZ-WXSF16 or 32. Please contact your TEAC representative or send an email to datarecorder@teac.com for more detailed information.

Q5 Is there a remote-control available for the WX-7000 ?

A5 : Yes. The model number is ER-WXRC.
Please contact your TEAC representative or send an email to datarecorder@teac.com for more detailed information.

WX-Navi (control software)

Q1 : Can the WX-7000 be used via a computer ?

A1 : Yes. The WX Navi is the navigation WX-7000 software for setting all opeerational parameters and is supplied with the unit.

Q2 : Is the WX Navi compatible with both 32bit OS and 64bit OS ?

A2 : Yes.

Q3 : Which Windows OS can the WX Navi be used with ?

A3 : Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. The WX Navi can also be used with Windows tablets.

Q4 : What is the minimum PC spec for the WX Navi ?

A4 : CPU Core i3 3.1GHz or faster Memory 2Gbyte or more

Q5 : What is the maximum recorded file size on the PC ?

A5 : 4GB is the maximum file size, even the NTFS format drive. This is due to the specification of WX Navi.

RDX (removable HDD)

Q1 : Is it possible to record on RDX and SD card simultaneously ?

A1 : No, this is not possible.

Q2 : Can files be deleted individually ?

A2 : Only the most recently recorded file can be deleted individually. All other files can be deleted by formatting the storage device.

Q3 : Can the cooling fans be stopped during recording ?

A3 : Yes. The fans can be stopped for 10 min. at a time.

Q4 : Can the data recorded by a WX-7016 be played-back on a WX-7032, or vice versa?

A4 : Yes.

Data protection

Q1 : What happens in the case of a short power interruption ?

A1 : The WX-7000 has a data protection feature to prevent data loss due to unexpected power failure. Files are closed and saved every 60sec.

Fail-safe Recording - Avoids data loss

Periodic File Closure

WX-7000 closes data files every 60 seconds while recording.
Therefore, even if an unexpected power failure occurs during recording, most of recorded data is saved. The maximum data loss possible is the last 60sec.

Periodic File Close

To improve data protection, a UPS may be used with the WX-7000.
When the WX-7000 gets a contact signal from the UPS after a power failure has been detected the WX-7000 will proceed to close the file automatically and it will also stop the recording.

Data format

Q1 : What is the data format ?

A1 : The data format is TAFFmat. This is a Raw Data format and can be used with a number of popular analysis software packages.

Remote (PC) control

Q1 : Is it possible to control WX-7000 with PC ?

A1 : Yes, to control WX-7000, it is neccesary to use WX Navi.
This software is part of accessories of WX-7000.

Q2 : What is compatible OS ?

A2 : WX Navi is compatible Windows7, WindowsXP

Sample image of WX Navi

WX Navi

Increasing the number of channels

Q1 : Can extra channels be added to the WX-7000 ?

A1 : Yes. Expansion units (AU-WXEPIO) are available.
Please contact your TEAC representative or send an email to datarecorder@teac.com for more detailed information.

In case of adding expansion unit (AU-WXEPIO)

  • One expansion unit : 16+16x1 =32channels
  • Three expansion unit : 16+16x3 =64channels
  • Five expansion unit : 16+16x5 =96channels
  • Seven expansion unit : 16+16x7 =128channels
  • Two expansion unit : 32+16x2 =64channels
  • Four expansion unit : 32+16x4 =96channels
  • Six expansion unit : 32+16x6 =128channels
  • Two expansion unit : 64+16x2 =96channels
  • Four expansion unit : 64+16x4 =128channels
  • Two expansion unit : 96+16x2 =128channels

Sychronized recording

Q1 : How many systems can be synchronized together ?

A1 : Two systems which allows up to 256 channels.

Powering the unit

Q1 : How to connect AC adaptor

A1 : Please check the follows figures.

How to connect AC adaptor