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Video NV Recorder VR-24

Noise, Vibration, Video, CAN, GPS and Pulse
Record all the various signals to one recorder

Video NV Recorder VR-24
For Automotive - NV while driving
For Railway
For Environmental Noise
For Automotive - Engine Vibration
For Equipment Diagnosis
For Biometric

The VR-24 is a Video NV recorder for automotive NVH testing which can record 2ch HD Video and Analog sensor signals along with CAN, GPS and Pulse data in perfect sync.
TEAC provides this highly functional Video NV Recorder at a cost-effective price.
The VR-24 is an ideal standalone data recorder for finished vehicle testing, NVH claim management and quality assurance tests.

Portable for field use

Small & lightweight design makes it easier to carry.
Soft carrying case is available as an option.

VR-24 Portable for field use

Till stands are equipped to be easier to see screen.
Soft Carrying Case (Optional purchase)
Soft carrying case (Optional purchase)

Easy to Use

Easy to Set Up

All settings menu can be reached from Top menu and it is easy to realize what you need to change.
Icons for each setting menu are grouped and lined.

VR-24 Easy to Set Up

Top page shows the most of configurations.
It allows you to see current configuration and status such as remaining recording time.

VR-24 Easy to Set Up

Large 5.7 inch touch panel allows intuitive operation in the filed.
Recorded video and data can be reviewed on this screen.

VR-24 Easy to Set Up

Easy to Connect

Accelerometer and Microphone can be connected directly to VR-24 unit.
These transducers are operated by supplying constant current from VR-24 unit.
Additional amplifiers are not required.

VR-24 Easy to Connect

Easy to REC

When recording on the same settings, simply press the record button
and the unit will go into 'Recording Stand-by' mode.

VR-24 Easy to REC


Choose the ICON to view and Press FWD button to playback the latest data

VR-24 Easy to PLAYBACK Camera

VR-24 Easy to PLAYBACK Waveform
VR-24 Easy to PLAYBACK Barmeter
Bar Meter

High Frequency Bandwidth

24bit 40kHz 4ch

Over audible range 40kHz bandwidth allows to record variety of NVH signals correctly.
Two channels Digital Video signals and Four channels analog signals from
Low frequency vibration to High frequency Noise can be recorded by only one unit.
Fulfill increasing demands for high frequency noise measurements on
EV / HEV and turbo chargers that are required when downsizing engines.

Car Engine

STANDALONE, All-In-One, Full Synchronization

No PC required to record Video, Analog, CAN, GPS and Pulse simultaneously with
one standalone recorder. All Necessary signals for AUTOMOTIVE NVH TESTING
including HD VIDEO input can be recorded with full synchronization.

All input signals can be recorded with full synchronization!!

VR-24 All-in one Synchronized Recording & Stand Alone

Cable ConnectionOBD PortCamera
Wiring CompletedTestingCheck the recordings

VR View

VR-24's software, VR View allows you to view Video, Analog signals,
CAN data and GPS data on one screen from CFast card or SDHC* card.
OS supported : Windows 7/ Windows 8 / Windows 8.1
*SDHC card can store analog data only

Battery operation available (Option)

Superior portability for field use.

VR-24 Battery operation

VR-24 Starter Kit

The VR-24 Starter Kit provides the easiest method to experience
the Video NV Recorder VR-24 for the first time.


Video NV Recorder VR-24
VR View software
VR View software
Camera x 2
VGA or HD (Selectable)
Camera cable x 2
5m or 10m (Selectable)
Camera cable×2
Soft carrying case
Soft Carrying Case
DC power cable
DC power cable
CFast memory card reader
CFast memory card reader
64GB CFast memory card