Case Study

In-vehicle Noise, Abnormal Noise Analysis

At the Quality Assurance in car manufacturing or After Service of car dealer, it can be used for noise measurement while driving, and abnormal noise/vibration analysis.

When abnormal noise / vibration occur, VR-24 can record these signals with CAN for control signal, GPS for position and pulse for engine revolution and speed. It helps in the analysis of the various factors involved event.

In-vehicle Noise, Abnormal Noise Analysis

Railway Vibration Measurement of Railway

At the vibration measurement of the railway vehicle, VR-24 can record the video to capture the line situation, pulse input of about kilometers in accordance with the position information of the GPS.

The level trigger function allows only recording the duration before and after exceeding the threshold level. You can find easily the status of the occurrence point of maximum value, the video, the distance and GPS.

Railway  Vibration Measurement of Railway Railway  Vibration Measurement of Railway

Environmental Noise

At the time of measuring noise of the road, railway and airport, VR-24 can record noise and video additionally, you can see the details of status.

The level recorder only records the level of noise, you can check the status of the noise source sound, in both of the video.

Environmental Noise Environmental Noise

Equipment diagnosis

By recording the data, such as vibration or rotation speed and video of the running conditions synchronously, it is possible to more accurately monitor and diagnose the condition of the equipment. By recording the data and video synchronously, VR-24 helps pursuit of maintenance and failure cause of productivity, prevention of failure, prediction of deterioration, optimization of inspection interval, such as estimation of product life.

Equipment diagnosis Equipment diagnosis

Bio-medical measurement

Various scenes in life, for example, at the time of sleep, exercise and the scene to be strong the tensions, bio-signals such as EMG, ECG and eye movement are now referred in a variety of industries not only in research institutions. VR-24 will be able to record these bio-signal data is synchronized with the operation image of the subject. Taking advantage of the feature that the small size and light weight, without interfering with the operation in a limited location, it is possible to measure in an environment close to the actual situation.

Bio-medical measurement