Smaller than an Letter / A4 sheet of paper, the VR-24 is incredibly compact and easy to carry for on the go field work.
A soft carrying case is also available for easy storage of the device and cables.



Connect your CAN signal cable to the OBD port of vehicle.
And connect Camera, Microphone, Accelerometer and GPS directly to VR-24 unit.

Cable ConnectionOBD PortMicrophoneAccelerometerCameraGPSSet CameraWiring completed


Record all connected signals at once during test drives;
such as 4CH Analog, 2CH Video, CAN, GPS and Pulse all on the VR-24.


Check the recordings

Check that all signals have been recorded on the spot, without needing to connect to a PC.
For detailed analysis, transfer recordings to a PC via Cfast or SDHC and use our VR View software to check your data.

Check the recordingsCheck the recordings