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Video Input


Interface Gigabit Ethernet (Supported models only)
Number of Video Input 2ch
Frame Rate 30fps×1ch (HD:720p)
30fps×2ch (VGA:480p)
100fps×1ch (QVGA:240p)

Supported Camera

Basler As of April, 2015

Model Resolution fps
acA640-120gc VGA(480p), QVGA(240p) 30 @ VGA, 100 @ QVGA
acA1300-60gc HD(720p) 30 @ HD

Analog Input

Analog Inputs 4ch
Input DC/AC/ICP™(TEDS applicable) it can be set to each channels
AD converter delta-sigma (each channel simultaneous sampling)
Sampling Frequency Bandwidth 40K / 20K / 10K / 5K / 2.5K / 1.25K / 0.63K / 0.1KHz
Sampling 96K / 48K / 24K / 12K / 6K / 3K / 1.5K / 240Hz
Bandwidth 40K / 20K / 10K / 5K / 2.5K / 1.25K / 0.63K / 0.1KHz
Sampling 102.4K / 51.2K / 25.6K / 12.8K / 5.12K / 2.56K / 1.28K / 256Hz
Analog Output None
A/D resolutions 16bit / 24bit
Input Range 0.01 / 0.0316 / 0.1 / 0.316 / 1 / 2 / 3.16 / 10 (V)
High Pass Filter 5Hz -12dB/oct, AC 1st order
Low Pass Filter OFF / 200 / 500 / 1k / 2kHz (-12dB/oct)
ICP Power Supply 4mA / 24V

Digital Input / Pulse Input

GPS Time Correction, Position Information
CAN The whole packet data to be recorded (2 signals can be monitored)
Pulse Input 1ch (Either Pulse Input or External Trigger can be connected.)


Video & Analog sync. Accuracy Within ±1fps (at 30fps)
Display While Recording Video (1ch) / Analog Data / CAN
Start / Stop Recording Manual / Analog Trigger / External Trigger
Trigger Level / Timer / Repeat
Pre-trigger, Post-trigger
Voice Memo Supported
Recording Media CFast (128GB) : Vide+Analog
SDHC (32GB) : Analog
Synchronization LX/WX can be synchronized. 2 sets of VR-24 can be synchronized
LCD 5.7 inch
Operation Touch Panel + Control Button
DC power supply input Rated input voltage : DC12–16V
Guaranteed operating input voltage range : DC11–17V
Power consumption : About 39W
RC120G-16D AC adapter (included)
Rated input voltage : AC100–240V
Input voltage range : AC90–264V
Output power : 104W
Dimensions / Weight W260 x H186 x D77 (mm) / Weight: Approx. 2.3 kg
W10 1/4 x H7 3/8 x D3 1/8 (inch) / Approx. 5 1/8 lb

Recommended CFast Media

HAGIWARA Solutions As of April, 2015

Model Capacity
LFD10S-032GB 32GB
LFD10S-064GB 64GB
LFD10S-128GB 128GB

Recording Time (in case of 64GB CF card using)

  Number of Cameras 96kHz/24bit 48kHz/24bit 24kHz/24bit
HD (1280 x 720) / 30FPS 1ch 2:37 2:57 3:09
VGA (640 x 480) / 30FPS 1ch 4:53 6:12 7:09
2ch 3:06 3:34 3:52
QVGA (320 x 240) / 100FPS 1ch 5:21 6:58 8:12
None 11:34 23:08 46:17

Optional Parts & Accessories

BU-VR24 Battery Box *Batteries are not included

BU-VR24 Battery Box

ER-VRRC Remote control unit (cable length 3m)

Remote control unit for VR-24

Battery IDX NP-L7S

Battery IDX NP-L7S

Battery Charger IDX JL-2PLUS

Battery Charger IDX JL-2PLUS

CL-VRDC DC Power cable
Power cable for connecting to DC power source.

Remote control unit for VR-24

CL-VRC5 / CL-VRC10 cable kit for camera
(CL-VRC5: 5m、CL-VRC10: 10m)
Combining LAN cable for camera and sync. Cable 5m / 10m

Remote control unit for VR-24

CFast Memory Card
CFast Memory Card.

CFast Memory Card

CFast Memory Card Reader
CFast Memory Card Reader with USB cable.

CFast Memory Card Reader

VR View Data viewer and analysis software

viewing signal waveform, video, position data and CAN signal recorded by VR-24, file exporting and converting.

VR View  Data viewer and analysis software

Soft Carrying Case

Soft Carrying Case